When submitting your project paper, do not copy from google.

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The 1960’s-early 70’s brought forth a series of embarrassing and tragic events that reflected badly on the U.S.A. These events made it obvious that the U.S.A. was not the perfect, righteous, and all-mighty country we had professed to be for so many centuries…that things CAN go wrong even for us! Musical groups stepped up to help Americans not only express their frustrations, but also to provide hope, happiness, and distractions from this difficult period
.PART A – Choose ONE (1) of the HISTORIC EVENTS below:
Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Assassination of Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy
Assassination of Martin Luther King- This is the topic i want to use

The Watergate Break-In
Bay of Pigs Invasion
1964 Democratic National Convention

Lunch Counter Sit Ins & Demonstrations
The Life of Rosa Parks
US Pueblo Capture
Kent State Shootings

The US Military Draft Lottery
Treatment of Returning Vietnam Soldiers
Woodstock Music Festival
and using the a) b) c) d) e) outline for your answers:
a) Provide a thorough history of the circumstances and background of this event; 5 pts.
b) What were the lasting effects for the US? 5 pts.
c) What is the significance of this event? 5 pts.
d) What were the consequences of this event ? 5 pts.
e) Why is it remembered today? 5 pts.
PART B – Choose ONE (1) MUSICAL GROUP that was prominent and popular in the 1960’s and using the same a) b) c) d) answer format:
a) Describe the origins and history of the musical group you chose; 5 pts.
b) Describe the messages and/or purposes of their music…what their music spoke to,
what their audiences heard from the standpoint of the social and political
issues and messages of the time; were they considered a success 10 pts.
c) Report the current status of these performers as of today….
are they still performing, did they disband, are they deceased,
is their music still being performed by others 5 pts.
d) What are these performers remembered most for…? 5 pts.
If you cannot find enough information to answer a) b) c) and d) fully, you will need to choose another musical group!

Choose ONE (1) of the following music groups prominent in the 1960’s
The Who Jan & Dean Manfred Mann
The Yardbirds The Ronettes The Troggs
Rolling Stones Led Zeppelin Paul Revere & the Raiders
Beach Boys Mamas & Papas The Moody Blues
The Byrds Herman’s Hermits Buffalo Springfield
Jefferson Airplane The Hollies The Drifters
The Kinks The Turtles The Four Seasons
The Temptations The Everly Brothers Gerry & The Pacemakers
The Monkees The Supremes The Chiffons
The Doors Lovin’ Spoonful The Jackson Five
The Shirelles Martha & and Vandelles The Righteous Brothers
The Marvelettes Peter, Paul & Mary The Kingsmen
Dave Clark Five Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Part B topic is the beach boys
Your Project Paper must be divided into the 4/5 sections a) b) c) d) e) as shown above. Papers will not be accepted if these sections aren’t clearly identifed!
All sources must be credited (any bibliographic format is acceptable, but MLA is preferred) and all submissions will be automatically checked for plagiarism using SafeAssign. Any papers found to contain plagiarized content will receive an “E” Failure, with any 2nd instance of plagiarism on any assignment during the semester, resulting in an E” Failure for your Final Grade. (See MOD A Grading Policy – Academic Misconduct). This assignment is worth 50 points.

When submitting your Project Paper, DO NOT copy from Google. docs and attempt to paste directly into the Text Box! The coding in Google. docs does not allow your text to “wrap” appropriately, and your Paper comes out with single line sentences that are 7 miles long!
If you are using Google.docs, please copy/paste from Google docs. into a program like Word Pad or Note Pad, and THEN copy from one of those into your Text Box. This process removes the code that prevents the text wrapping and your Paper will appear in normal and readable paragraph form. Content that does not have the proper format (“wrapped”) will not be graded.

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