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3-Minute Speech Informative Speech Outline Topic: Whitney Houston General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience to not do drugs because they are bad for you. Central Thesis Statement: It is important to know that drugs are not good for you or your body, people who do drugs will most likely end up […]
TOPIC: Sports social media You want to get started in the industry, but you do not know where to start and home to connect with. This can be extremely informal (e.g., bullet points etc.). Step 1: Identify the industry and area you want to get into. Research the industry and see who are the major […]
i have attached all instrtuctions. there is part 1 and 2 instructions for the project. feel free to ask any question if needed. make sure follow step by step instructions part 1 and 2 attached separately below.
no plaiarism , no match please and using APA style reference using Time New Roman ( sive 12, double – spaced ) font the answer shoulg be in 6-7 pages
9.1 Define the following terms: Path Activity Early start Early finish Late start Late finish Forward pass Backward pass Node AON Float or Slack Critical path PERT 9.8 What is the time estimate of an activity in which the optimistic estimate is 4 days, pessimistic is 12 days, and most likely is 5 days? Show […]
please draw or create your circuit by KICAD with 12 components which should belong to KICAD library ( example: barrel_jack_switch, diode, PWR flag, LM7805_T0220, capacitor, switch, resistor, led, conn 02*02 odd even,) Remember you are not allow to use one components more than three time ( mean one component use 2 time is maximum). Also […]
Hey I would like anyone to help me with my assignment The assignment: Required: Design a logic circuit that converts from BCD to Gray Code (on 3 bits). Table filling Inference of functions Simplifying functions using k-map Drawing the logic circuit using logisim program (copy the image to word)
Annotate the following article in 1-2 paragraphs Llanaj, E., Pikó, P., Nagy, K., Rácz, G., János, S., Kósa, Z., Fiatal, S., & Ádány, R. (2020). Applicability of Obesity-Related SNPs and Their Effect Size Measures Defined on Populations with European Ancestry for Genetic Risk Estimation among Roma. Genes, 11(5), 516.
please do each part in different decument part one Module 4.2 | Discussion and Peer For this week, we have an essay option essay due on Egypt. It is due by 11:59pm Saturday – you get an extra day because Friday is Veteran’s Day. Please read the chapter on Egypt. Then, pick one of the […]
Prepare a case study that requires critical thinking. The case study should include and guiding answers. o J.C., Inc., had a franchise agreement with McDonald’s Corporation to operate Mel restaurants in Lancaster, Ohio. The agreement required J.C. to make monthly payn McDonald’s of certain percentages of the gross sales. If any payment was more than: […]